Saturday, January 7, 2012

My 3 in 30

So here goes my first 3 in 30 link up:

1. Drink 8-8oz glasses of water and take vitamins
2. Menu planning, ( do this on sundays for the week, maybe post to blog?)
3. Walk or workout at least 15 mins. Gotta start small and 15 mins is at least a start :-)
I am creating a habit.....yah me!

Cheers to my first 3 in 30!!! So excited to be blogging again.

Happy 2012

So has it seriously been an entire year since I have blogged??? I have thought and missed blogging so much and am trying to move things around in my life to be able to upkeep my blogging.

Have you made your goals/resolutions for 2012?
I have and am still in the process of fine-tuning my details.
This is what I have so far:

My word for the year is ....."SIMPLIFY" I am off to a good start, I got rid of 18 trash bags of stuff/trash to burn, took 5 loads of stuff to the donation shop, one load to the consignment store and still have more to get rid of. I also donated 2 egg boxes of scrap/crafting stuff to the Hospice and the Awannas group. Oh what a feeling to let it all go.

A- Do the 3 in 30 challenge:
1. Participate in the challenge by blogging my 3 in 30's.
2. Read the 3 in 30 blog 2-3 times a week for reinforcement
3. Create your plan and work my plan!!!

Here is the link for you to participate with us :-)

B. Hello Mornings (To participate)
1. Participate in the group study starting Jan 11th
2. Update as part of the group on FB at least once a week.

(I am excited to participate in this as a group!! I don't have to leave my home and family to grow spiritually and with other ladies. What a gift!!!

C. 31 days to pray for your spouse,
1. Read daily scripture
2. Pray for Carl daily
3. Update on FB that I have prayed and participate in the discussions.

D. Health
1. Do a 2 day juice fast
2. Create a walking habit
3. Drink 8-8oz glasses of water a day
4. Take vitamins on schedule
5. Get off the sugar and cut down on the salt.
6. Plan our menus and eat at home!!
7.Keep up with my intake and calories burned on my fitness pal.

E. Get out of debt.
1. pay off medical bills- done today
2. pay off Garrett's Marine Biology Trip- done today
3. Figure check book every other day,
4. Use Cash
5. Biweekly budget meeting with DH.
6. Pay off Citi Bank Target Feb to mid march
7. Pay off Chase - next pay check
8. Pay off Jeep- Target mid May :-)
9. Buy paint and supplies to update the dining room.

Get back to scrap-booking, and let go of excess projects and commitments that are not adding to my life anymore.

I have more goals but they are still in the works process... will post more when I get them specific.

Please share and let me know your 2012 list!!!
Happy New Year,
Tracy :-)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Free Holiday photo cards!!!

I just could not wait to share the news: I have been selected by Shutterfly for their
50 Free Holiday Card Promotion! This is such a blessing and a great opportunity to create, view and
customize my family Christmas cards with Shutterfly’s amazing quality. Now on to the creative part
(my favorite), if you know me any at all you know that capturing memories through photography is very
important to me and close to my heart. First to choose my photo, (done) it was a family decision :0).
Next the hard part, to choose one of the amazing designs Shutter fly has to offer…. Here are my top
choices: Black Border, Classic w/o Edge, Starlight Joy, Bottom Caption, Rejoice King Lord and
Simple Memories. Please leave a vote in the comments section to which card you like best. It will be fun to see which one wins. :0)
So many options but I must choose  Some cards have the option of including two more photos inside
of the card, what a wonderful gift this will make for our family and friends. Step two: Upload photos,
choose my template add my text and order! I am more excited that I will get to send out my cards on
December 1, this year and not the week of Christmas! I also have been researching the gift options
Shutterfly has to offer for the memory keepers like me. Here are some of the options I am thinking of
giving. Calendars , see here for the many options Photo cards for
my card ministry and AAEOP. Then I have always wanted to create a photo book for my coffee table
including all of my best photography! I would love to give each set of my parents a book as a Christmas
gift. Here is the best part, you don’t have to wait until Black Friday to get a great deal,
” Shutterfly if offering 20% off all holiday cards.” As soon as I get my card order I will post it to the blog,
Please check back and if you tried Shutterfly let me know about your experience.
Have a blessed day,

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Anonymous Encouragers is a Chritian Ministry, positive news from Klove

Here is another great story from a 16 year old girl that wanted to make a difference.

Here is the home page for AE and check out the facebook link at the bottom of the page.

Anonymous Encouragers is a Christian ministry designed to encourage individuals and communities. By writing simple cards to people found in phonebooks, anonymous encouragers spread God's love and faithfulness. Anonymous encouragers do not write these letters to receive personal recognition, but to serve others selflessly for God's glory.The process of becoming an anonymous encourager is easy.

Simply pick up your phonebook and choose a name and address. Your letter to this person may include a Bible verse and/or a few heartfelt words. By signing anonymously, you will ensure your security and privacy.

Five Easy Steps:1. Choose a name and address in your city's phonebook.
2. Write a letter in your own handwriting.(A handwritten letter will let the receiver know that a real personwrote to them, not a computer-generated scam.)
3. Sign your letter "A.E." for Anonymous Encourager.
4. Address the envelope, making sure to leave out your return address. (Leaving out your name and return address not onlyensures your security, but also guarantees no personal recognitionfor this act of kindness.)
5. Mail your letter.*If one anonymous encourager would set a goal to write one person every week, 52 people would be encouraged in the span of one year.If one anonymous encourager invites four friends to join the effort,260 people will be reached each year. Join Anonymous Encouragers in an effort to reach the world,one encouraging letter at a time.*Anonymous Encouragers is not responsible for expenses such asstamps, letters, and envelopes. These must be willing donationsgiven by each anonymous encourager.
Anonymous Encouragers

Have a blessed day,
Tracy :0)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Gary Smalley

I was jamming to my new tune station, Klove, check them out here

They had Dr. Gary Smalley on air in an interview about his four day challenge. It was so great I had to share, both about how awesome it is to listen to positive words on the radio and it is FREE!!!!

Here is a 4 day challenge from Gary Smalley. I have had the opportunity to hear Dr. Smalley in person, I enjoyed his speaking and find him an inspiration of God's word.

On the blog you can also listen to his interview on mini podcasts!!

Have a blessed day,


Monday, July 12, 2010

Kim Klassen and a stay-cation!!!! Bip Picture Scrapbooking and a free class!! Just Wow!

Kim now has her stay-cation site open. I am so excited about the inspiration that Kim shares that I could not keep it to myself.
Go check out her stay-cation web-site.

Here is a free clase from BPS!!! Can you just say WOW!!!! All of this inspiration and totally free!!! I hope you go check these sites out, I just can't tell you how excited I am.

I am also doing a class over at !!! I wondered what I might do with my time now that baseball season has come to an end :0(....

Have a blessed night,

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I heart faces contest ~~~Bandit

Here is my entry for I heart faces contest this week, the theme is Pets...

Meet my son's new pup "Bandit" he came to us from our little church down the road. The owner was tired of feeding the pups and the mama dog and just kicked them out of the house. Lucky for Bandit my son was determined to save him :0) He is a very spirited little pup and keeps our old dog Baby great company and makes her a great play mate. (We rescued Baby from a puppy miller so all she knows is to be around puppies.)

Have a blessed day,
Tracy :0)